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Please turn over.

I started this blog over 1 year ago and it’s been an outlet for many facets of my life. I’ve documented my move to London, I’ve shared my travels around Europe, I’ve shown you what I’ve been eating and drinking, and I’ve posted about happy events in my life.

It feels more natural clicking away on the shutter of my camera, putting myself out there in pictures than in words. It’s now time to migrate, to turn the page on this medium and move on. I’m pushing myself to take better pictures so I’ll need a platform to display that. Thank you for all your clicks and views over this last year.

I’m still around, but I’ll be here from now on.

So please visit, add, follow, like, love. I’ll do the same.

Much love,




Apologies for the lack of posts. Slightly overwhelmed by the backlog of photos and no real theme.

Please hold on for a little bit longer. I promise to be back in fuller form soon enough.


Scent game is strong with my Diptyque candle from Deb.

Meet Paul

This is Paul.
A fine specimen of the French gentleman.

He is a French history teacher and taught me everything I need to know about France.
He was kind enough to let me stay at his and live as the French do.

There was always lots of cheese. No complaints from me.






Lactose Tolerance

Cheese has always been a friend of mine. But after Paris, I feel we are even closer.

Paul took us to his local market where this stall was set up. This particular stall was three times larger than every other stall there, therefore, three times more cheese.

We took home an incredible selection, my favourite being the Comt√© de Poligny. Look, he’s smiling for the camera!





Kit Kat

Time for a break.

After the beauty of Iceland, I’ve slightly lost interested in the ordinary sights of the world. Not quite ready to edit just yet. Whilst I recuperate, please have a look at my Overview¬†page. I’ve just spent some time re-organising my blog into different categories.

Hope you enjoy!

Mogg & Melzer