The Fathers of Osteocytes

I’d been whinging to Deb about how the ramen in London has been average. We didn’t end up going to this place as I read a review that rated it averagely. My complete trust on a random entity with a smartphone and a DSLR delayed my ramen cravings being assuaged by the Bone Daddies. This experience has taught me not to place so much weighting on the words of a self proclaimed ‘foodie’. Instead, just experience and enjoy. If the enjoyment was sub-par, then ask for the bill, pay and never go back.

I won’t say anything else about the place except that I really enjoyed it. And I will be going back.

Bone DaddiesMenu

Bone Daddies
Fresh garlic & mincer

Bone Daddies
Thinking about ramen

Bone Daddies
Telling all his friends

Bone Daddies
That egg!

Bone Daddies
Ice green tea


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