Home-made in Genoa

A few observations.

Italians are able to eat a lot when they’re out. It was common for men and women to each order an antipasti, primi (pasta) and a secondi (meat). And then ending the night with some dessert and a coffee/digestif. Our dinners out usually consisted of sharing an antipasti, having a plate of pasta each and then a dessert between the two of us. One night, we attempted the common 3 course + dessert practice, however embarrassingly had to ask to cancel our secondi as we were beyond full after an antipasti and primi each.

Italians drink a lot of wine with their meals. No problemo.

The secondi, usually a meat dish, was served quite plainly. Literally just some meat cooked and served on the dish. We tried to replicate this below.

With all the fresh produce available in Genoa, we spent a night in to cook up our own 3 course “Italian” dinner.

Antipasti: prosciutto di parma, tomato, buffalo mozzarella, witlof
Primi: pancetta, mushroom, tomato, fettuccine
Secondi: crumbed chicken from Polleria Anna e Sergio

And of course, some coffee to top it off.











2 thoughts on “Home-made in Genoa

  1. waterfallsandcaribous

    I too found it pretty difficult to get my head around having pasta or pizza as an introduction to the main course – we found ourselves eating SO much more in Italy than normal. However, its totally not the worst thing in the world when their food is so darned delicious 🙂 Mmm, hungry now.

    1. benj Post author

      Yeh! The quality of the food was never at question. It was always the sheer quantity! By the end of the trip my appetite had certainly increased. I was a bit over pasta and pizza after the trip, but I’m craving it now!


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