While still based in Bologna, we spent half a day in Verona. Now surrounded by tourists, I was no longer the outlier with my DSLR around my neck.

Famed for the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, Casa di Giulietta is now home to annoying girls posing on Juliet’s balcony while their mum/dad/girlfriend/boyfriend/grandma takes 10 shots of the same thing. The other mainstay of the city, the ancient Roman arena, looked promising but required the full entrance fee despite half of it being closed for renovations.

By this point, the different cities of Italy started to just become a blur to me. Architecture and buildings became repetitive. Once awed by one incredible cathedral, the smaller, not-so-well maintained churches aren’t as impressive. And food becomes a consistent dose of pasta, cheese and protein.

Verona was nice, but nothing special. More sentimental than monumental.






2 thoughts on “Verona

    1. benj Post author

      Haha, I actually don’t know how they’re doing it! It’s quite nuts. Thanks Angel! Stay tuned, there are 4 more cities left hahaha.


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