I just want wantons

So here I am, once again in a new city, a new transport system to conquer, a life to restart and recommence both at the same time. This shouldn’t always mean a new online identity, but I’ve grown in managing my thoughts and feel more control over the hazy path ahead. I want a new domain to work from. In the past, I’ve relied on being objective, a product of an ethical, moral, scientific & spiritual see-saw from working in the health industry, but it’s time to subject myself. Objectivity is a bit bland after awhile. It’s time to add a touch of salt and a splash of colour to this page.

New cities are always exciting. Moving to a new city is even more exciting. You get used to the taste of the tap water, you get used to the water pressure of your shower and your magazines start to pile up in one spot. I’m excited to meet people, I’m excited to hear stories, I’m excited to learn life and I’m excited to be with my love.

I do miss home. I miss my room, I miss driving, I miss easy. I just want wantons. I miss mum and dad, I miss friends and I miss laughing with them. But I’m glad I’m still close to home and I’m so grateful I can stay so easily connected.














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